Best Bike Basket for Dogs – Our Top 5 Bike Basket Picks

Which is the best bike basket for dogs? If you happen to love bike riding like we do, and enjoy taking our dog out with you than having a quality bike basket for your dog is important. There are many bike basket available and quite a few made specifically for dogs. In this article, we are going to take a look at our top 5 best bike baskets for dogs.
The following are five carefully selected good quality bike carriers for dogs that you can choose from.

Quick Product Comparison – 5 Bike Baskets for Dogs

Bike BasketQualityOur RatingPrice
Solvit TagalongA+ (4.3 / 5)
Snoozer SportyA (4.1 / 5)
Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom A+ (4.3 / 5)
Pet Gear Bike BasketA- (3.3 / 5)
Pettom Foldable B+ (2.7 / 5)

Bike Baskets for Dogs

Bike baskets are often used generally for carrying lightweight cargo on bicycles. Since they do not usually come with the bike, it is one of the most important and useful bike accessories to get. The basket is usually lightweight and made from a variety of materials. The most commonly used materials are the rattan or wicker cane, and metal mesh. Apart from your small cargo or shopping, the bike basket is now being used traditionally for carrying small pets.
Baskets can be mounted in front of the bike or on the rear, depending on your intended use. Most bike baskets for dogs are usually mounted in front of the bike. This will allow you to safely move around with your pet. The most common pets on bikes are dogs and cats. You should note that the dog bike carrier wouldn’t be ideal for big dogs. This is because bike carriers are designed for lightweight cargos. Hence, you should keep that in mind when purchasing a bike carrier for dogs.

There are various baskets for dogs on bikes available in the market that you can choose from. However, there are key features you should look out for in getting one. You should carefully consider the needs of your dog. A good bike carrier for dogs should be breathable and very comfortable. You wouldn’t want to take your dog on a stroll and end up in the vet at the end of the day.

Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

The Solvit Tagalong is a dog wicker basket that is very comfortable for your over pampered dog. It can hold pets of up to 13lbs in weight. This allows you to comfortably ride with your small dog around the park. You can also take your pet on a stroll around your block instead of leaving it home alone.

With this basket, you can spend more time with your pet, while carrying it for your short strolls and errands. This high-quality basket is weather resistant and has a very traditional look. The basket is breathable and hence, keeps your dog cool and comfortable as you ride around town. It also features a removable liner that can be washed easily.

It also features a unique bracket system that allows for easy installation and removal from your bike. You can also adjust the bracket to fit your individual bike without interfering with your brake cables.


  • Made from durable synthetic rattan and is weather resistant.
  • Removable and washable full faux sheepskin liner.
  • Holds dogs up to 13 pounds.
  • Installed sunshade and adjustable safety leash.

Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

This Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket is a dog bike carrier that doesn’t require tools and allows you to easily install your basket and remove it at any time. It is sporty, stylish and very comfortable for your dog and pets in general. It features a removable inner pad that can be washed easily.The pad also allows your dog to sit comfortably throughout the ride. This sporty bike also features a chin rest for enhanced comfort.

The pad also allows your dog to sit comfortably throughout the ride. This sporty bike also features a chin rest for enhanced comfort. Its durable micro fiber can easily be wiped clean. Hence it can be maintained with ease. It can also be packed flat for easy storage.

This means you can easily store your sporty basket when not in use and space is not a problem. It comes with a rain cover that can be used to shield your dog in the event of unexpected rain or change in the weather. With this bike basket, you can keep your dogs comfortable as you ride around town.


  • Holds pets up to 14lbs.
  • Removable inner pad and chin rest for your dog’s comfort.
  • Made from a durable micro fiber.
  • Rain cover and inner leash clip.
  • Multiple storage pockets.

Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Lift-Off Basket w/ Bracket

This standard mesh bike basket is ideal for transporting your pet dogs of up to 40lbs. It is large and very lightweight. The mesh is breathable and hence very comfortable for your dog.

It comes with a bracket that can easily be installed on almost all bikes handlebar. This basket is very durable, comes in various colors and has a great mesh bottom.

The mesh bottom keeps your pet and other items in place. Unlike other baskets that may allow your belongings fall off or make your pet uncomfortable, this mesh is very thin and at the same time durable.


  • Powder coated steel construction.
  • Easily mounts to handle bar with a lift-off bracket.
  • Very lightweight standard mesh
  • Can hold up to 40lbs pets.

Pet Gear Bike Basket 3-in-1 Car Seat

This unique pet gear bike basket is equipped with features that allow your dog to be very comfortable as you ride around the town. It is a versatile bike basket that you can use in your car or even while flying.

It is well padded for your dog’s comfort. It is ideal for small dogs and pets and you can strap it while inside the basket.

However it doesn’t come with a metal frame, you may need to brace the bottom to enhance support while on the bike. It is a breathable dog basket and is ideal for even very small dogs.


  • Fleece pad with an internal tether that keeps your dog safe inside.
  • Can be used as car seat, carrier and bike basket.
  • Very sleek design with pockets.
  • Universal bike attachment that is easy to install on almost all bikes.
  • Can hold small dogs up to 5kg.

Pettom Foldable Pet Bike Bicycle Basket Carrier

This small dog bike carrier is foldable and allows for easy movement and storage. It is an ideal basket for your new born dog. If you just got a new pet that is probably less than 10-lbs, this is the ideal bike basket for your dog. It is very comfortable and breathable.

It is made from durable water repellent material that keeps your puppy protected all through the ride. This ensures the safe transport of your fragile puppy on the bike. You can use this carrier to take your dog for routine vet examinations and even a walk in the park.

It features an integrated safety belt that ensures that your dog is transported safely. This bike dog carrier is also equipped with pockets and bottle holders for your dogs’ supplies.


  • For small dogs no more than 10lbs.
  • Two adjustable straps that secure your small pet.
  • Removable and washable interior liner.
  • Convenient storage pockets.
  • Durable Oxford waterproof material.


Dogs are very wonderful pets to have around. Because they are friendly animals, bonding with them can be very easy and fun. Bike baskets are very useful for carrying your pets around with you. You should, however, purchase one for your pet, to ensure that you spend more time with it. However, you should carefully consider the size of your pet and the features of the carrier before you go ahead to purchase it. Try to ensure that your dog is comfortable at all times during your ride.

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