Kevlar Dog Toys – The Bulletproof Kevlar Reinforced Bone

If you’re looking for Kevlar dog toys you’ll quickly notice there are not too many choices.

Though there several good indestructible dog toys we only know of one made from Kevlar.

Our search on the most popular shopping site on the planet Amazon turned up only one Kevlar dog toy we could recommend.

kevlar dog toys


Bulletproof Bone – Kevlar Reinforced Dog Play Toy

When it comes to Kevlar dog toys the Bulletproof Bone sets the standard. This dog toy is tough. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this dog toy.

  •  An ultra-tough fetch and tug dog toy
  • The inner layer is bonded and is Dupont Kevlar fiber reinforced
  • It has been designed with material that is puncture-resistant
  • The edge binding is double with triple stitching
  • Not a chew toy. This is a specially designed interactive toy.

To be very clear this is not a chew toy. The Bulletproof Bone has been designed to be an interactive toy. It has the right combination of giving, grip, and resistance without falling apart.

Kevlar dog toys such as this one are usually designed for Police and Military K9 training and interactive rewards. It is made with advanced fabrics and innovative construction to provide a high level of indestructibility. Keep in mind the Bulletproof Dog Bone is suitable for medium to big dogs. This toy might be too much for a small dog like a Pomsky.


Pros and Cons of This Indestructible Dog Toy


  • Made of Kevlar
  • Tough, almost indestructible
  • Interactive dog toy


  • Not suitable for all dogs
  • Some dogs have been able to tear the seams, though the fabric has remained intact.

Kevlar Dog Toys Conclusion

 We believe Kevlar toys for dogs are not suitable for every type of dog. Some dogs will love these types of toys while other will simply dislike them and never get used to them.

We do believe there are some large breeds that will benefit from having a Bulletproof Bone to play with.

Overall it’s an excellent and innovative product you should consider if it’s the right fit for your dog and you.

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